Thursday, January 13, 2011

(Introduction) Virtually all nations prohibit cultural diversity, free thinking, & outside influence. These countries protect their own religious & ethnic identity. The examples are endless. Meanwhile, a select small percentage of geographic regions are targeted, and forced to openly accept radical social engineering. Such examples include, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, U.K. and USA. Oddly enough, the mentioned nations already have advanced ideals which do not require rapid changes. Additionally, their policies are already more open-minded toward accepting outsiders. Thus requiring no need for forced progressivism. Most notably, these targeted nations clearly share a common denominator. They are (more or less) populated by Western Europeans & Christians.


(PART 2) And, rigid attempts are being made to alter their identity. Meanwhile, there are literally 150 nations who are not required to conform to multicultural standards. Such examples include: China, Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kuwait, Central Africa, and countless others. This list should also include nations who were inhabited by many peoples during its history, but are currently free from such obligations. Ironically, they are populated by a Latino culture who also promotes settlements outside of their homelands, while also maintaining their own cultural integrity.

(PART 3) So, this all leads to the ultimate question: Since the trend of forced acceptance only applies to European countries, IS THIS A CONSPIRACY? The answer should be obvious: MOST DEFINITELY. Meanwhile, radical policies attempt to continue the prevailing trend, endlessly. Nations who engage in reckless overpopulation are allowed to migrate into those regions who behave more responsibly. And, they continue to reproduce a surplus of 80 Million births over deaths annually (according to the United Nations.) This number will actually grow, in the future. Thus, so long as they're allowed to freely enter other nations, they will continue manufacturing offspring.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PART 4) NOW IT"S TIME TO DISCUSS THE PLAYLIST entitled [White People Settled in America Thousands of Years Ago]. This playlist was compiled because many people currently entering the USA claim that Caucasians are actually the invaders. It should be understood that such disrespect shall not be tolerated. It's basic Common Sense: Nations should reject those potential immigrants who display hostility and deep-rooted hatred. Unfortunately, preference is given to those very same migrants who shun assimilation. Meanwhile, the USCIS discriminates against persons who more willingly adapt to our language and culture. (example: folks from Germany, Philippines, Holland make exceptional immigrants. Thus, should be given preference over those from Latin America).

(PART 5) SO, the point is quite simple: We've grown sick and tired of angry immigrants who claim that {all citizens herein are illegal aliens since 1492}. . BUT, SINCE THEY MENTIONED THE ISSUE: It just so happens America was inhabited by Europeans during Pre-History. This claim may sound ridiculous to some. But consider that, conventional wisdom claims Natives had accomplished a similar feat, as well. Hence, There's no reason to dismiss the idea that America had been settled from Both Sides. This claim is supported by strong evidence, as you will learn. (Note: please remember- this playlist is NOT intended to degrade the native Americans). Rather instead, it rebuttals against the theory that our Founding Fathers were here illegally

(PART 6) There's another point to be made, as well. Ancestral claims are purely a human concept, not practiced by any other species. Most animals are territorial. But, never does any claim that distant ancestors were the sole proprietors. Also, there's no reason to think that one tribal people should claim the entire vastness of all land seen or unseen. If this was the case, then one nomadic tribe could race a marathon encircling the globe. By comparison, northern Siberians migrated to the Western Hemisphere. And, they eventually became numerous tribes and civilizations. They were not a singularity.

(FINAL PART) Aside from the documentaries, there's another issue which sways off-topic. Activists are bound and determined to dilute European culture along with its peoples. Yet evidentially, their artistic merits & physical appearance seems to be perfectly fine unaltered. Meanwhile, no attempts whatsoever are made toward any other peoples. Despite any possible benefits which may result. CONCLUSION: The preceding article accurately describes a clear underlining deliberacy.
About the creator{ videos 1 thru 109 promote Archeological discoveries. Thence, Videos 110 thru 150 challenge the theory that our people require massive Social Engineering}.

----These controversial documentaries are NOT supposed to diminish the status of Native Americans. Instead; the list targets against claims by migrant workers. (example: Their North American homeland was invaded, in 1492). So, this playlist finally debunks that notion.
ALso note: Everyone migrated to North America; including the American Indians.
There's also the issue of Good Immigrant/Bad Immigrant.
We really don't want hostile immigrants settling here. It would make more sense to invite immigrants from nations less hostile toward us (such as Belgium, Germany, Poland, etc.). So, why are "Social Engineers" flooding this country with the most hostile individuals?

There's a counter-movement in Mexico exposing flaws in the "1492 Hypothesis". You've probably seen "Brown Shirt" Chicano activists who claim that "White people invaded their homeland in 1492). But, their physical appearance unmistakably traces to that so-called invasion. In other words: Mexican Revolutionaries carry the Spanish genes. Therefore, they too are invaders into this 'homeland'. (This information came from a Mexican Counter-Movement which accuses its people of blaming the USA for its own shortcomings.

ANOTHER FOOTNOTE: Virtually all archeologists debunk any pro-European ideas. It's been this way for a long time. Therefore, keep in mind, that many Scientists and Archeologists are classified as Neo-Progressives. Their opposition is not surprising. Nor, is it unique to any specific debate.

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